Furniture and home-accessory placement can make a huge difference in the way your home shows to potential buyers or renters. We bring in tasteful updated furnishings that look high end matching the style and feel of the home. Accessories are extremely important and we bring in tasteful pieces to enhance the look and feel of the space. Also, Primed 2 Sell can expertly re-design your home by finding the best way to arrange your existing furnishings and decor to showcase it.

Before: Cluttered, dirty, boring.
After: Modern, clean, and new.
Before: Cheap and boring.
Before: Like brand new.

Stage vacant, estate or model apartments

  • Create and implement design concept through comprehensive and unique staging.
  • Rent furniture and decorative accessories.
  • Manage installation of furniture.
  • Oversee contractors and renovations.

Stage occupied homes

  • Transform your home exclusively with your furnishings.
  • Accessorize to emphasize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.
  • Give your home a fresh new look.


  • Make your home feel new again by complementing your furnishings with decorative accessories.
  • Create a new and enhanced look for one room or your entire home.
  • Give your home a fresh look and a competitive edge in the market place.
  • Rearrange furniture, dress up and accessorize your rooms before open house.
  • Oversee contractors, painters and home repairs.

We fit any budget. Most typical staging would include

  • Foyer, kitchen, 1 or 2 bathrooms, living area, dining area, and master bedroom will run anywhere from $2000 and up depending on the size of the home and how much you would like to showcase it. This is for a 3-month contract.

Simple accessories staging typically would include

  • Kitchen accessories, towels, bath accessories, shower curtains, plants and artwork throughout the main parts of the house would start at $500 for 3 months of use.

Redesigning fees and consultation – $150 for a two hour session then $45 each additional hour.

Please call for further details and a more comprehensive estimate.

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